May24| Interview: Shane Harper – An actor and singer proclaiming “God’s Not Dead”

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Tony Cummings reports on the star of the hit movie God’s Not Dead, SHANE HARPER

Cross Rhythms radio listeners will currently be enjoying the Mumford & Sons-styled “Hold You Up” by Shane Harper. And those of you who keep up to date with Christian movies will know that the track emanates from the soundtrack album for the feature film God’s Not Dead. That particular film is another of those movies which flies in the face of the long held perception that a production with an overt Christian theme cannot be any good and/or is bound to do badly at the box office. (Concerning the latter point, the budget for God’s Not Dead was two million dollars and it has so far made $62.6 million.)

The soundtrack for God’s Not Dead features several renowned Christian music acts including Jimmy Needham, Stella Kart, Superchick and Tricia Brock plus, of course, the Newsboys who also appear in the film singing their rendition of Daniel Bashta’s “Like A Lion (God’s Not Dead)”. The star of the film is former Disney actor Shane Harper who after appearing in four series of the Disney Channel hit Good Luck Charlie also appeared in the movie Flipped and even landed a small role in the Bollywood film My Name Is Khan. But music too is a “huge passion” for the 22 year old actor who was born in La Jolla, California.

He told John van der Veen, “I grew up playing music. I’m currently working on a full-length record. That’s kind of obviously a huge goal of mine to get it out as soon as I can. Getting to do a song for the film God’s Not Dead was really cool. I’d love to continue doing that. It’s fun being a part of the film, and then them coming to you after, in post production saying, ‘Hey, can you do a song for the movie? Because we know you write music.’ It’s kind of a cool thing to be able to do. It’s an interesting story behind the song because I’d actually written the chorus of ‘Hold You Up’ probably two months before I ever auditioned for God’s Not Dead. Then when they came to me to write a song for it, they said, ‘Hey, do you have a song that kind of goes with the flow and the vibe of this storyline, the narrative?’ I said, ‘I don’t.’ ‘Can you write one?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I guess I can write one.’ Then a couple days later I remembered, ‘Oh my gosh. Half of it’s already written. I wrote this song that’s perfect. I just need to go finish it.’ We finished it and it ended up working great for the movie.”


Feb17| New Music

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Feb11| 23rd Annual MovieGuide Awards

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God’s Not Dead wins the Epiphany award for the most inspirational movie.

23rd Annual MovieGuide Awards

23rd Annual MovieGuide Awards


Jan11| Article: “Happyland” Cancelled After One Season

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Happyland will not be returning to MTV as the cable network has quietly opted not to renew the half-hour-long series for a second season. Happyland, which debuted in late September, was a departure for the young-skewing net as it was a light, one-hour dramedy.

MTV did an experiment, expanding its Tuesday comedy block to two hours, with Happyland at 11 PM following half-hour comedies Awkward and Faking It. It didn’t quite work, with Happyland averaging paltry 0.2 rating in adults 18-49 and 370,000 total viewers in the first hour of late-night despite the ratings strength of MTV’s 10-11 PM comedies, especially Happyland‘s lead-in, breakout hit Faking It.

Happyland, set behind the scenes at a popular theme park, starred Bianca Santos, Camille Guaty, Shane Harper, Cameron Moulene, Katherine McNamara, and Ryan Rottman.


Nov27| “Pants on Fire” Disney XD Premiere

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“Good Luck Charlie” Cast at Disney XD “Pants on Fire” premiere

Disney XD Presents "Pants On Fire" - Arrivals


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Shane Harper and Ryan Rottman play brothers on MTV’s new series Happyland, which premieres tonight at 11PM ET, but the two characters couldn’t be any more different at this time: Shane’s character, Ian, is fairly easy going, might even show up to work high, and is a general amount of fun; whereas his brother Theodore is much more by-the-book and follows rules more stringently.

Both of the Chandler brothers are the sons of the people who run the fictional park known as Happyland.

We interviewed the Happyland cast last week at the Santa Monica Pier, and below you can find our interview with the actors who play the show’s super Chandler brothers. Enjoy, and be sure to catch the series premiere TONIGHT!

Aug23| “Happyland” Promotional Photos

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Television> MTV Happyland> “Happyland” Promotional Photos x 005
thumb_HappylandSHMTV1 thumb_HappylandSHMTV3 thumb_HappylandSHMTV5

The new MTV show centers on Lucy (Bianca Santos), the cynical teenage daughter of idealistic park princess mom, Elena (Camille Guaty). Having grown up in a world of manufactured happiness her whole life, Lucy wants to get out and experience something real.

When Ian (Shane Harper), the new park owner’s son, arrives and sweeps her off her feet, Lucy is left wondering if fairy tale endings do exist after all. But when a scandalous secret turns her life upside down, she learns Happyland is far from a walk in the park.

Happyland, also starring Ryan Rottman, premieres Tuesday, September 30th @ 11PM ET/PT on MTV.


Jul11| Photos: MTV “Happyland” at 2014 TCA

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Photoshoots > Set 007 x 009
Appearances > Events > 2014 > 7.11.14 – Summer ’14 TCA – MTV “Happyland” x 004
thumb_happylandTCa3 thumb_happylandTCa4 thumb_TCAPressHappylandSH6

Jun24| 24 Gush-Worthy Pics of Bridgit Mendler and Shane

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See the rest at the J-14 website


Teddy and Spencer might not have lasted on Good Luck Charlie, but Bridgit Mendler and Shane Harper definitely have! The couple met on set while filming and just celebrated their third anniversary!

“We knew each other for a while, were friends for a long time. And I think it was just one of those things where it kind of gradually turned into more. I think it’s great that we knew each other for so long beforehand, so we were really friends,” Bridgit has said.

Hmm…Shane has a song called “Just Friends” from 2010. Do you think he wrote it about her before they started dating?

Shidgit – which just might be our favorite couple name EVER – is inseparable, whether they’re performing on stage, touring France, or hitting In N’ Out for burgers. We love how silly they can be with one another!

Jun11| On the ‘K-Love’ Red Carpet with Shane Harper

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Shane Harper, star of God’s Not Dead, (the movie, which won the Film/Television Impact Award) took a few minutes to talk about his life on the Red Carpet at the 2nd Annual K-LOVE Fan Awards.

Kim Jones – We’re on a countdown to the doors closing so your next role is to share your story in one minute or less!

Shane Harper – One minute or less? Ok! I can do it! I stared doing theater when I was 9 years old. Music, acting – all around the same time. I started working professionally when I was 13 years old and I’ve been doing it ever since. That’s my professional life. (laughs) My personal life would take way too long and we’d be locked out!

Kim Jones – Your life – both personal and professional – is going to keep getting bigger. God has this thing about using willing hearts and your role in God’s Not Dead definitely showed a willing heart and a big talent.

Shane Harper – Thank you. It was definitely a blessing to be involved in the film and to be nominated for the award.


May2| Shane in “Naked Magazine”

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NKDMagazineSH01 NKDMagazineSH02
NKDMagazineSH03 NKDMagazineSH04

Mar29| Photo: “God’s Not Dead” #4 Movie

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